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unusually normal
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So, hi. I'm a girl. I like using fancy words. And Oscar Wilde.

Rule no. 1: Give a llama - get a llama! :iconllamacopterplz:
Because llamas are awesome.

my wonderful cheshire-icon was made by Herzlose

I appreciate all favs and comments, even though I do not always thank for them. So instead, have a collective thank you here:

:party: :iconthanksplz:


Friend: Hey, your new co-worker is really cute.

Main character: [reprimanding] You have a girlfriend.

Friend: Yes, I do. [gives M.C. a straight, serious look] And I'll never love anybody the way I love her, because she's probably the most amazing person on this planet. That doesn't mean nobody else can be beautiful or amazing in their own way, or that I must be blind to beauty in others, even if it's in the purely superficial nature of your cute co-worker's butt.

Main character: Oh.

Friend: I'd never cheat on her, if you were worried. Actually, I'm pretty happy in my relationship.

Main character: [hesitating, obviously sheepish] Sorry.

Friend: [smiles] That's alright.

[A short lapse of silence.]

Friend: Now, about your co-worker, did you ask him out yet?

Main character: What?

Friend: Well, you know, there's probably a reason you reacted like you did, and I'm gonna guess it's because of irrational jealousy.
Side Romance
People in Rom-Com / Chick-Flick movies so often go "oh they're cute" - "you're married" - "eh, would still climb them like a tree". BORING! Give me a disgustingly happy, nose-bleedingly healthy couple on the side. Give me someone gushing about their perfect partner we never get to see! TRU ROMANCE. :tighthug:

Also, I imagine both people here as female, but of course since it's such a small snippet, you're free to imagine having them any gender you want.
I slapped my bare feet over
the concrete balcony
to briefly rest against the railing -
looking at a small Italian town,
with a name nicer than my own,
sparkling off into the lake.

Some truths rustled in the leaves,
whizzed past me, bit my skin,
and stared me in the eye,
that evening over the lago dei maggi.

I am made of simple things ;
moon light reflecting off of waves
and a lion's faraway roar -
but I feel strongly,
and my heart is big enough
for two, spacious and bright.

Teach me your voice again,
and come live inside.
You're not the type

to make heads turn in the streets
when you walk past, and you know it.
You dress like someone wanting to hide
in something just slightly too-wide.
With the underwear models and their
bedroom-gazes looking down on us
from their large-as-life posters,
you've got nothing in common,
(too much here and too little there),
your life doesn't get wrapped in plastic,
to be preserved as something perfect,
and your feet are strange and hairy,
but I don't care, honey, why would I?

I love you, I love you, je t'aime.
forget about sex appeal
The last line saves this from being one great insult, and it was kind of meant that way.

Let's be brutal.
Let's be real.
I fucking love you,
and I start to think I always will.

For someone special, of course :heart:

(Have taken care to avoid pronouns, because I like imagining that you could tell this to anyone in overly large clothes and strange feet.)
28 deviations
I fell in love with words
long before I kissed a boy
or girl -
I watched the world
through virtual glasses,
zooming in on syllables
wherever I went,
lapping up knowledge
with the fresh first
only children have.

The first time I wrote my name
I wasn't satisfied with it,
and had to writewritewrite
to make that first bout
of crooked scribbles
alright -

a whole world
had opened itself to me
with pencil on paper.

It's true;
the first poem
I ever wrote
was my name.
first love
For UnsungWritersGuild 's weekly challenge #4:

Prompt: "Write about your writing roots. How and when did you start? BE CREATIVE!"

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